2014 Dongguan Cup International Design Competition Second Selection is done

    As the 10 th Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition goes by, our competition committee has arranged a second selection between 29 th Septemb……

2014 Dongguan Cup International Design Competition Primary Judge Finalist

As one of the most famous industrial design competition in China, the tenth Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition,2014 has got worldwide public concern and part……

About awards

Dongguan Cup international industrial design competition has been held in Dongguan, one of the most famous manufacturing city in China annually since 2005. It is one of the most well-known, influential, effective industrial competition in China. Dongguan Cup has already collected about 23000 industrial works worldwide in 9 years. Approximately 15000 Universities, collages, design agencies, and enterprises and nearly 250 thousand business representatives and people from all circles have involved into the competition. The total prize we sent is 9 million RMB. The successful held of Dongguan Cup is not only good for cultivating comprehensive abilities, innovation and practical capacities of designers and students, but also contribute to enhance communications about industrial design between Dongguan and others globally. With hosting Dongguan Cup, advanced design resources are gathered and innovations in enterprises from Dongguan may be also promoted. It is also helpful for facilitating the whole design level in Dongguan and abilities of industrialism.

The Tenth Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition 2014 is hosted by Dongguan Municipal people’s Government and China Industrial Design Association. Also, it is organized by Dongguan Economy and Information Technology Bureau Guangdong South China Institute of Industrial Design. The theme of this competition is “Innovative Design and Leading Dongguan”, which lasts what it usually be previously. There are various activities during this competition, involving collecting and judging design works, holding advanced industrial design seminar, outstanding works display, industrial design summit forum and awarding ceremony. Activities we held are very helpful for gathering superior design resources and cultivating excellent design talents in Dongguan, which promotes a comprehensive innovation and product competitiveness of enterprises in Dongguan. This also promotes interactions between designs and manufacturing, matching, accelerate the process of design-manufacturing transformation and expand brand influence of industrial design and manufacturing in Dongguan. Moreover, it pushes industry transformation and upgrading of Dongguan.

 For contributing to industrial design development, we sincerely invite design agencies, designers, students, faculties in high education colleges, enterprises in Dongguan and others to participate into this competition.