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There are two groups for contestants. Concept Group open to individual designers; Product Group open to enterprises.

1. Concept Group

Applicants' Qualification: Industrial design academics and students in higher education schools all over the world; Designers in design agencies or companies; Others who are keen on industrial design.

2. Product Group

Applicants' Qualification: Enterprises located in Dongguan City.



1. Electronic Devices: e.g. Telecommunication, Entertainment, wearable smart devices and so on;

2. Household: e.g. Home Furniture, Home facilities, living products, smart living systems and so on;

3. Equipment: e.g. Industrial Robot, Numerical Control, Electrical automation devices and so on;

4. Lightings: e.g. Public Lightings, Commercial Lightings, Household Lightings and so on;

5. Toys, Stationery& Sports: e.g. educational toys, smart toys, Pram, school supplies, sports products and so on;

6. Packing: e.g. Commercial Packaging (Food, Beverage, Medicine, Household .etc), Industrial Packaging(large devices, Numerical Control), Transport Packaging and so on;

7. Others.



1. All submissions of concept group must be original. Moreover, submissions which are identical or similar to published works are not accepted, as well as the one which has been applied to other awards. If there are any legal liabilities are caused by contestants as stealing ideas of other products or stealing business secrets, contestants should be responsible for that and face the consequences themselves. Once it happens, organizers of Dongguan Cup have rights to unilaterally reject submissions or cancel qualifications at any time during competition.

2. All Product group works must be produced or going to be produced in recent 3 years from companies or institutes in Dongguan City. It should not be involved into intellectual property troubles and never awarded in Dongguan Cup.

3. Design work is required to be shown as effect drawing on 2 copies of A2-sized (420mm×594mm) JPEG (*.jpg) drawing, vertical layout, and 200 dpi resolution. It should include product name, Conceptual design renderings details, necessary MD design and main sizes. Moreover, design highlights, materials and workmanship of the product could be described as short texts (both Chinese and English). No limits on types of renderings, both hand drawing and computer drawing are acceptable only if it shows what this design is clearly. If different directions of product renderings is available, it will be better. No names, companies and any other information (including texts, images, logos) related to designers are allow to be shown on the drawing. Otherwise, the drawing is invalid.



1. Please visit, register and log in submission system.

2. Please apply for application number according to categories, fill the document information and download the entry form.

3. Each document is required to include a copy of registration form and two design effect drawings. Every single document is less than 5M. If uploading is successful, the submission is complete.

PS: Contestant may submit more than one design project with one username and password. One design project could be only submitted once and it is not allowed to participate to other competitions with the same object.



1. Submission of entries: 30th June, 2014 to 20th September, 2014

2. Preliminary Selection: 28th September, 2014

3. Second Selection: 10th October, 2014

4. Modeling: 15th October, 2014 to 25th Novernmber, 2014

5. Final Selection: 1st December, 2014

6. Outstanding Works Exhibition, Innovative Design Forum, Awarding

Ceremony: 2nd December, 2014 to 5th December, 2014

Note: Final timetable and details will be available on



Preliminary Screening: Jurors will conduct on-site screening and select qualified entries.

Second Screening: Jurors will select outgoing products from qualified entries for the final selection and honorable works. For the Concept Group, the Organizing Committee will take charge of making models of these final round candidates. For the Enterprise Group, the Organizing Committee will decide whether to make models taking into accounts of the design qualities.

Final Screening: finalists are requested to take part in an on-site screening and make an oral presentation. Jurors will determine winners via the model, design drawing, and presentation. Finally jurors will screen winners


Jugding Criteria

Concept Group

Innovation and Originality (40%): it must be forward looking, innovative, and original; can fit in with the current aesthetic requirement of the general public;

Sustainability and Affordability (30%): it must meet the theme of this year’s Dongguan Cup Awards, taking into full account of market value, and feasibility of mass production under the modern manufacturing technology and reasonable cost conditions.

Integrity and Unity(20%): it must be energy and cost efficient, environmentally responsible, and balance the needs for function, safety, and efficiency in the design as personal experience. As for given topic group submission, it also concerns maintenance of good corporate brand and enterprise culture.

Expression and Representation(10%): it must be well-organized to show the idea of design, which makes fully representation of the real intent of the designer.

Product Group

Innovation and Originality (20%): it must be forward looking, innovative, and original; can fit in with the current aesthetic requirement of the general public;

Affordability and Economy(30%): it must accommodate to the market demand and related national quality standard. Also, it should be able to increase brand reputation, get ready for mass

production, and bring good expected economic benefits.

Visual Appeals (30%): it must be of proper appearance design, reflecting product style, brand value, and well-designed color match.  

Functionality (20%): It meets the requirement of operation, utility, safety and maintenance in the design. It should be also environmental and cost-effectness.



1. The prize pool is 1 million RMB. Fee are divided into top winners in two groups with trophies and certificates.

Concept Group

Best of the Gold Award – 1P: 100 Thousand RMB/Trophy/Certificate

 Gold Award – 4P: 50Thousand RMB/Trophy/Certificate

Silver Award –6P: 20 Thousand RMB/Trophy/Certificate

Bronze Award –8P: 10 Thousand RMB/Trophy/Certificate

Excellence Award –20P: 2.5 Thousand RMB/ Certificate

Merit Award - several: Certificate

Product GrouP

First Prize– 1P: 50 thousand RMB/Tablet/Certificate

Second Prize– 4P: 30 thousand RMB/Tablet/Certificate

Third Prize – 8P: 10 thousand RMB/Tablet/Certificate

Award of Excellence– 20P: 5 thousand RMB/Tablet/Certificate

10 Excellent Industrial Design Enterprise(Agency) in Dongguan-10P: 10 thousand RMB/Tablet/Certificate

 2. Several top outstanding design objects (only from Dongguan) will be recommended to participate in the final stage of the 7 th Governor Cup industrial design competition of Guangdong province 2014.

3. As for winners whose product is able to be industrialized in Dongguan, the government of Dongguan will fund it with Dongguan city industry support fund.


Intellectual Property Right

To create an open, fair and impartial competitive environment and protect rights of competitors, all of Intellectual Properties of design objects belong to competitors if without any special notes. Organization Committee will help entries of concept group to apply patents for free. Also, Organization Committee has rights to exhibit, print, advertise, and popularize design objects in this competition. Not only any enterprise and department but also anyone is not allow to copyright.