Q: Shall I pay any application fee?

A: No, not any application fees will be charged.

Q: May we enter the Competition as a team this year?
A: Both teamwork and personal work are permitted in concept group. If it is a teamwork, the work should be signed the name of major designer and information should be filled by major designer too. If your work pass the final selection, the major designer will be invited to Dongguan to give a presentation for free.(Others in the same group can participate too but without free charges). Once your work is rewared, all group members will be showed on the certificate.

Q: Shall we be an early bird?

A: No need for early bird registration. Entrants shall summit works onlline in regular registration time.  

Q: May one entrant submit more than one works?
A: Yes, one entrant can submit several works to one catagory or different catagories at the same time. We also encourage entrants to summit more works as they can.

Q:How can we download the registration form and summit works?

A: This year of competition uses online registra

Q: What requirements on dimension and format the submitted works should merit?
A: Each item of design work is required to be in 2 pieces of A2-sized (420mm×594mm ) JPEG (*.jpg) drawing, vertical layout, with 200 dpi resolution, Each entry design work drawing is required to contain submission title, colorful effective drawing, basic appearance dimension drawing, and a project description in English. There can be no modification after submission.

Q: May we submit the works in horizontal layout?
A: No. Due to arrangements and decoration in the exhibition, all has to be vertical layout. Layouts of the paper are open to the preferences of each entrant, not necessarily with Chinese and English layout respectively. The only requirement is to make yourself well understood.

Q: Who will own the IP rights of the entry works?
A: The Awards is dedicated to safeguard the IP rights protection of each works and designer, with firm supports to the innovative design ideas. All IP rights remain with the owner of the entry project. The Awards shall only enjoy the right to exhibit, print or publicize the original copy of a work.

Q: Do final entrants from overseas have to pay for the round-trip air tickets (economy class air ticket only)? How to travel to China?
A: No. For the final entrants from overseas, travel allowance, based on the travel mileage and the distance from home country to China while not exceeding 5,000RMB (conversion of foreign currencies into Chinese RMB shall be subject to the then exchange rate), will be made to cover the round-trip air tickets. The Organizing Committee will also provide subsidies to cover food and accommodation upon their arrival in Dongguan. As to the detailed travel arrangement, the Organizing Committee will contact each entrant later on.