Liu Guanzhong , Professor of Qinghua Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Doctoral Supervisor, Vice Minister of  Chinese                                                                                                        

Industrial Design Association Industrial is not only a kind of industry, but also a kind of culture, a kind of spirit and out virtual fortune. What we do is to remind people what should do and what should not and what should do first and what should do later. We can not just be limited on appearance design, but bond industrial design with our life. "To design a new life style of our own", which means a healthy lifestyle, is our slogan. 


Yin Dingbang, Professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Doctoral Supervisor, Vice Minister of Chinese Industrial Design Association                                                                                                        

The hope of education of Chinese design should be bailment on the youth. By facing the demand of design and talents, Chinese design education has no doubt to be one of the most urgent mission during this time. Design should be comprehensive, systematic and thoroughly deep into our market economy. At the meanwhile, what does a design truly think, it is for investors, producers, sales, consumers, and QCs to decide. Only with this, Chinese design could be able to have a great-leap-forward development. 


Huang Wuxiu, Vice secretary-general of Industrial Design Association                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

A city which is focus on manufacturing, should focus on industrial design first. The development of industrial design could not be finished in a short time. It has its own way to insist on evolution as well as its value, which is revealed by a long time, should transform from ideas to manufacturing and make it come true.


He Renke, Professor of Hu Nan University, Vice Minister of Chinese Industrial Design Association, Director of Industrial Design Professional Guidance Committee of Ministry of Educational, PRC  

We aim to make a transformation from "Made in China" to "Design in China". In China, Industrial design has made a long progress but globally, we are still in a primary stage. From now on, most of our works still remains on designing whatever colors of shapes for existed products, which means that most of concept designing works are usually completed in Europe or USA. We all know that China is a big commodity exporter, however, there are numbers of products which sale in our market designed by other countries. So there is still a long way to "design in China".


Lin Yantang, Professor of HongKong Polytechnic University, One of the First Board of Directors of HK Design Center                                                                                                                                                

Industrial design should focus on value of traditional multi-culture of humanity, recognize every special cultural traditions and the combination of technology and economy. Moreover, industrial design is more tolerance and integrate to essences of Chinese culture.


Ye Zhenghua, Dean of advisory service of Chinese Design Association.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

 Dongguan is near to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Under the huge developments after the reform and opening-up Policy, Pearl River Delta has become a well-known manufacturing base all over the world. The IT industry, toys, equipment, furniture, clothing and conference & exhibition industry are all related to design. Nowadays, industrial design is appreciated by our government, which means that it should push our higher development of industries in this area.


Chen Xin, Headmaster of Guangdong University of Technology, Professor, doctoral supervisor

Guangdong University of Technology is a key provincial engineering university. GDUT keeps close cooperation between Dongguan and other cities in Pearl River Delta for study, research and production and we got fruity outcomes. As an organizer of "Dongguan Cup" international industrial design competition, we will well plan, organize, advertise and appeal designers in agencies and universities to participate in. By keep the rules of " fair, Justice, and open", we will judge well and organize well.